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Seattle Neighborhood Diversity

Diversity in Seattle varies widely as the attached schematic shows.

According to a well-known measure of diversity, Seattle is less diverse than most major U.S. cities. That measure - called a diversity index - indicates the probability that any two people selected at random from the same place would be members of a different race. The diversity is expressed as a number from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the greater the diversity.

The diversity index for the United States as a whole came in at 56. Seattle scored 54 (giving Seattle a ranking of 39th among the 50 most populous cities).

But this is not the whole story since the pattern changes when the focus is on individual neighborhoods. When you calculate the diversity index for each of Seattle's 483 "block groups" - a small census geography typically containing fewer than 2,000 people - around one third are actually more diverse than the U.S. average score of 56.

(Courtesy: The Seattle Times - March 7, 2014)

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